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You may have noticed that St Bede's has become involved with Traidcraft this year. Perhaps you may be wondering how Traidcraft works, or you may have other questions about fair trade. This leaflet may go some way towards answering them.


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How Does Traidcraft work?


Traidcraft operates on the principle that by paying a fair price for the products we buy, we can help poor communities work their way out of poverty.


What can I do to help?


Most of us buy tea, coffee, chocolate on a regular basis. Do we ever stop to think of the people who grow and pick tea leaves, the coffee and the cocoa beans? Do we realise how difficult it is for them to sell their produce to us?


All too often they experience lives of poverty and starvation.


Whist most of us drink tea and/or coffee every day, and sometimes enjoy some chocolate, the people who produce these goods are often very poorly paid, and work in bad conditions. They are unable to compete in the selling market with the huge multi-national companies whose products are on prominent display in all our supermarkets, and which we all buy if we're not aware of the massive unfairness which exists in our world trading system.


We get used to the taste of our our usual brand. We've always bought that one. We can't possibly change. Or can we?


Jesus challenges us to do just that!


Can we call ourselves followers of Jesus if we ignore the troubles of our brothers and sisters? Troubles which we could do something about, if we made the effort!


Perhaps the fairly-traded tea, coffee, chocolate, or other foods may taste a little different until our taste-buds adjust. Is that difficult? Who said that following Jesus was going to be easy? Perhaps these products may cost a few pence more.


Wouldn't we enjoy them more, knowing that our purchases have helped other people have a better life?


'All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.'

Edmund Burke (Political Philosopher 1729-1797)



Fair-traded goods now available a St Bede's


Cafedirect Instant Coffee (per jar)


Tea Bags - Indian Ocean (80 bags) 1.90
Tea Bags - One Cup (100 bags) 2.05
Orange Juice (pack of 3 - ideal for school lunches) 1.00
Drinking Chocolate 2.10
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies 1.03
Geobars - Cranberry & Raisin 36p
Geobars - Apricot 36p
Sugar 1.05
Pasta 1.05
Honey 2.30
Strawberry Jam 1.75
Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 1.95
Marmalade 1.50
Apricot Muesli 2.00
Swiss Milk Chocolate bar (large) 1.40
White Chocolate bar 65p
Divine Chocolate bar (small) 59p
Dubble bar 49p
Rico bar 60p
Chocolate-coated raisins 1.30
Vanilla Fudge 1.30
Chocolate Peppermint Creams 1.60
After-Dinner Mints 1.30
Assorted Toffees 1.30


Full Product Range

NB.  A full range of products is available from the Traidcraft Web Site

(click icon to go to Traidcraft site)