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Newcastle upon Tyne



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Easter 2018
  Stations of the Cross
  A Journey Through Lent
  Giving Up Something During Lent
Parish Groups & Committees: Meeting Times
  Liturgy Group


Easter 2018

Stations of the Cross
  Date Location
  7pm Friday 16 February 2018 St Bede's
  7pm Friday 23 February 2018 St Michael's
  7pm Friday 2 March 2018 St Bede's
  7pm Friday 9 March 2018 St Michael's
  7pm Friday 16 March 2018 St Bede's
  7pm Friday 23 March 2018 St Michael's

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Journey Through Lent: (All Sessions at St Bede's)
  7-8pm Wednesday 21 February 2018  
  7-8pm Wednesday 28 February 2018  
  7-8pm Wednesday 7 March 2018  
  7-8pm Wednesday 14 March 2018  
  7-8pm Wednesday 21 March 2018  
  7-8pm Wednesday  4 April 2018  

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Giving Up Something For Lent
  Wednesday 14 February 2018 Fast  from using one of your gadgets or social media.
  Thursday 15 February 2018 List 10 things you are grateful for.
  Friday 16 March 2018 Save your change for a week and donate to charity.
  Saturday 17 March 2018 Spend 10 minutes in meditation or other prayer


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Parish Groups & Committees

Liturgy Group
  Date Location
  7pm Thursday 15 February 2018 St Bede's: Parish Meeting Room

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