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Newcastle upon Tyne



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This page includes this and other links to the CAFOD site (links are highlighted in red).

CAFOD - Middle East Emergency Appeal

Go to the CAFOD site for more information and to donate to the appeal.

CAFOD - Details of the Asia Tsunami Appeal

The CAFOD site gives further details of the Asia Tsunami appeal and allows donations to be made on-line.

CAFOD - Clean up Your Computer

This link gives more detailed information about CAFOD's campaign to stop exploitation of electronics workers abroad and gives you the opportunity of joining the campaign by e-mailing IBM, Dell and Hewllett-Packard.

CAFOD - Online shopping

This link actually takes you to Traidcraft (refer to the Traidcraft page).

CAFOD - World Gifts

This link will take you to the 'World Gifts' Catalogue and also allows you to shop online.


Last Updated: Thursday, 15 February 2018